A Cute and Cozy WangKa Resort in Sanghkla Buri District, why you will LOVE it!

by Fauzia
WangKa Resort

What a cute little resort in the heart of the Sanghkla Buri district! My friend and I quickly checked in and it was a smooth and easy quick check in as we had booked the morning of our stay through Booking.com! We got a great price and super reasonable for a last minute stay. Breakfast was included and that was the awesome kicker! We were sold on it!

Wangka Resort

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I was quick to notice the building seemed fairly new and well it was a very clean and quiet part of the Sanghkla Buri District! I got good vibes from this cute little place.

I like the added fish to this Wanka Resort theme. It was quiet and I think all the Thai and vacationers were headed back so it was nice to be able to have this to ourselves. I was eager to see the room.

The rooms were a decent size, however the place was in excellent condition, the room was super clean and the bed was very comfortable.

The bathroom was very clean as well and had a large area for showering, no bathtub which is fine for me! My friends room was the exact same!

What I loved about this resort was the little bar called Wanka Cafe – served good food, drinks and had a great nature feeling to it.

This was the balcony view and it was very private, it was facing the gardens. For the one night this place was affordable and cute.

I loved this little area, actually we came to have breakfast here and it was so adorable, I absolutely loved the peace and quite surroundings. The naturally vegetation and the ever improving the resort condition was also nice to see. If you look over, you can see the lake there!

Everyone is served a bowl of rice and pork bits, YUM! I added my very necessary chili flakes, the pickles chilies and off course a squeeze of lime! This was th quintessential perfect breakfast for the occasion, and you got an American breakfast with it of course!

There was a toaster on the side, along with juices, dry cereals, and various other breakfast items including coffee!

Happily to recommend this please and make sure you heck out our google reviews https://bit.ly/3W4fuEA here and keep Following Fauzia!! Your trusted reviewer of all sort of things!

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