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by Fauzia

If you looking for a good bottle of wine, look no further? You’ve come to the right place! Wine Depot provides its guests with a good range of wine as well as a rich and excellent French food experience. Each dish is designed to complement the wine and make the experience unforgettable for its guests.

The restaurant serves not only French cuisine but also a limited selection of Thai dishes. Wine Depot is a wine store and bistro located in heart of Bangkok.

From the Wine Depot Cellar
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Anchovies and Olive Pizza

Anchovies and Olives Pizza

The moment Leonard and I sat down, we were greeted by the staff with friendly smiles. I love Thailand for their smiles! We got the menus and immediately ordered this pizza. The anchovies and olives with tis thin crispy crust was really good. it hit that spot! The anchovies were quite salty and it blended in with the taste of the oilves and cheese!

“Les Halles Paris Cold Cuts”

Charcuterie of cold cuts and other delights

Wine Depot makes amazing tray of cold cuts which have a great variety of cold meats to eat along with the side of homemade French bread. The Pork shoulder, which is far easier to get hold of than pork neck, will form the bulk of the pâté which is in the centre of the plate. The smoked duck breast, the Paris ham, the home style country French sausages with of course the crunchy fresh gerkins was a feast in itself! This cold cuts meat platter is the perfect appetizer for having wine with friends and colleagues.


Garlic & Prawns

Prawns in a Garlic Sauce

OMG …. the sauce! Oh, the sauce is so tasty! Gotta grab more of that fresh French bread and do a dip even the “double-dip” this is the most appetizing sauce by far, I’ve tasted! I didn’t want the servers to take the dish away! Furthermore, the prawns are nice with this sauce!

Escargot in Pesto Sauce

Escargots in olive oil pesto

I think the one and only time I have ever had escargot, was when I was dating a Moroccan French chef. Not my favourite, however I did like the taste of these ones at Wine Depot. The flavor and texture of escargot are similar to those of clams. Snails are said to taste like fish or chicken, with a mushroom-like earthiness. However, for the most part, the snail absorbs the flavor of the butter or sauce in which it is cooked. The escargots served here at Wine Depot are soaked in garlic butter and pesto sauce. Moreover, the overall taste was good and Leonard throughly enjoyed these little delicacies.

“Petite Sale” Lentils and Toulouse Sausage

Sausage & Lentils with a side of mustard

A hearty, no-fuss meal is a thick stew made with lentils and French kielbasa. Its aroma is reminiscent of French country cooking, thanks to a combination of bay leaf and rosemary. If you love lentils, this is the dish for you! Wine Depot chefs do these lentils to perfection along with the soft grilled potatoes and sausages, the mix of these ingredients are so tasty. I love to add my own spice to this so I added fresh red chilies cut small and added to the lentils. The spicy side of mustard to dip the sausage in is also very German, yet on top of the lentils, it becomes very French. This is a very hearty dish! Enjoy!

Spicy Seafood Salad

Spicy Prawn Salad

Jean Christophe, the owner wasn’t kidding when he said this is a spicy seafood salad. I was so full by the time this salad came to the table. I was able to try a small bite of the spicy seafood salad, however I ended up taking it home and having it the next day.

The spicy seafood salad still had the fresh taste the next day and YUP, it was full on spicy! The glass noodles are so good and they do not get soggy which is nice! I loved every last bite which I throughly enjoyed. So, not only Wine Depot serves delicious French cuisine, they make an array of flavoursome Thai food as well.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava cake with whip cream, vanilla ice cream and a maraschino cherry on top, spectacular combo! If I seriously wasn’t so full, I would have ordered dessert first!


Thank you so much Jean Christophe and the wonderful staff, the ambiance is very warm and inviting. When walking into Wine Depot, you almost feel at home and just know the food is fresh and made with care.

Luckily Wine Depot delivers and are on the delivery apps! Remember to leave a comment below to let us know you read this and plan on going to Wine Depot for a glass of vino & a bite to eat!

With Love & Gratitude,


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