Chicago, Chicago that toddling town, Get Your Slice of the Windy City with 8855’s Deep Dish Delight!

by Fauzia

Chicago, Chicago that toddling town!

Chicago, Chicago I will show you around!
I bet your bottom dollar you’ll have some fin in Chicago, Chicago
The town that Billy Sunday couldn’t shut down ….. that is what I thought of when I began to sink my teeth into the Chicago deep dish pizza on this side of the pond!

While Frank Sinatra popularized that song, Ken is now busy doing the same for the famous deep dish pizza known to Chicagoans or Americans, right here in Bangkok. Where to find this famous deep dish pizza? Well, hop on down to Sukumvit Soi 8 at 8855 Cafe & Bar right behind the Invite Bar and you will be surprised to find this casual hangout! With a couple of pool tables and a nice casual setting, this place is easy like Sunday morning and comfortable.

Remember one thing that the Chicago deep dish pizza it is only made in the beginning of the month for four days. Why? Well, because the ingredients are very difficult to find here in Thailand and when they do find them, they stock up and then make enough for 1-5 days and when they are sold to, you need to wait til next month!


One of the best bruschetta I have tasted in Bangkok! The tomatoes lightly seasoned with olive oil, oregano and other ingredients, makes this a freshest I have tried yet! The baguette was super crunchy on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside which is a delish comb with the tomatos on top!

Thai Pork Balls

A very popular dish and this is an exceptional choice for “Thai” pub food are these amazing park balls! So spicy, makes one want to drink more beers! The pints on on social all day long so stop by and have a plate of this to share with a chilled pint or 2…. or 3…. LOL. There is a distinct taste in these pork spicy meat balls and trust me when I say you will want to order a second plate as they go down really nice!

Chicken Cordon-blue

This is the largest chicken breast I have ever seen especially in a chicken cordon blu style was stuffed and when I say stuffed, it was jammed with ham and cheese inside for a nice gooey cheesy experience! However, with that being said, the French fries dipped in the creamy sauce was also very complementary.

The breading of the chicken breast was lightly dusted so you can really tasted the different texture of the ham and cheese. You most definitely get the value for your money on this dish! If you are looking for a protein rich lunch or dinner, this would be it! Moreover, if you want to spice it up as they say …. pass the chilis please!

Chicago Deep Dish

You might be wondering why Chicago is associated with deep-dish pizza. That’s because it was created in this Chicago, USA and is adored by so many people. Chicago deep-dish pizza was created by Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo. In 1943, these two combined their passions for business and Italian cuisine to create Pizzeria Uno in Chicago. This one pictures here is a 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 sausage.

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Deep-dish crust, the most distinctive and recognised feature of Chicago pizza, is at least an inch thick, allowing for additional sauce and toppings. Stuffed pizza, with its even higher crust, looks more like a pot pie or casserole dish than a New York-style thin-crust pie or a true Neapolitan Italian pizza!

As I was sitting here at 8855 café and bar, I had noticed a gentleman whom I had met many months ago whose name is Ken. The owner of 8855 cafe and bar whose name also happens to be Ken were sitting together chatting with another gentleman whose name also happened to be Ken too! We all had a huge chuckle when we said Ken, Ken and Ken having a meeting, all from USA enjoying the Chicago deep dish pizza here.

One thing for sure, you can bet your britches, this pizza you will be craving after the first few times you have it. The rich tomatoey sauce, the crunchy crust and the meaty toppings, makes for one hearty and filling pizza! You most certainly cannot eat an entire pizza yourself, so it is a must share and make sure you order 2 for take away! It tastes amazing the next day too!

Thank you to Ken and the staff for having me and the delicious food!

8855 Restaurant & Bar are now on Food Panda!

With Love and Gratitude,



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