World on a Plate: Pullman’s International Buffet Will Take You on a Flavorful Journey!

by Fauzia

Hello Bangkok, with all the tourists coming back into Thailand, this is gonna be a great busy summer! One of the places to check out while staying in the Asoke/Sukumvit area, is the Pullman Grande Sukumvit! Not only for the all you can eat buffet but also the hotel as other great restaurants asa well. Whenever I’ve walked into The Pullman Grande Sukumvit several times, it’s always been busy bustling with people and families excited to explore Bangkok.

I had a wonderful opportunity to try the International buffet and speaking to Ash, the manager, I am pleased to know that every month they will be changing themes as I just missed the all you can eat seafood buffet! What a fabulous idea!

The buffet is on Friday and Sat evenings only so if you have a bottomless pit, this is the place to come before you get consumed into the wonderful exciting Bangkok nightlife!

Spicy Squid Salad

All of the different stations at the buffet, reminded me of my many travels around our wonderful globe. The good breakfast options and of course the all you can eat buffets for lunch and evenings! The staff was ready to serve us and the food was freshly prepared. I didn’t know whee to start as everything looked so delicious. I started with the most obvious for me and this spicy squid salad was so good. Moreover, the squid is delicately cooked and spiced.

When I am travelling, which I haven’t for the last 2 years, however, I digress, I love to get back to my hotel after a long day of shopping, sightseeing and not having to worry to find a good place to eat. This is why, Pullman Grande Sukumvit is such a great place as the options are good!

The Pullman Grande Sukumvit makes this easy as they not only have this open on Friday and Sat nights, but there are other really cool paces to eat in the hotel as well. Make sure you check their directory for the other places to wine and dine.

Cold cuts

I love the options in this buffet at the Pullman Grande Sukumvit! You can have whatever you want and as much as you want and most definitely walking in to a buffet place, one would really want to try almost everything. Some of the the main course menu items were mashed potatoes, grilled sea bass with dill, grilled veggies, carrot soup and much more. (watch the video on Follow Fauzia You Tube Channel)

Around the corner from the cold cuts were more ready made salads such as potato salad and various other spicy concoction which were tasty and good, in the photo below! I must have had salad’s on my mind as they look super fresh and crispy, not to mention the healthier options!

Various Salads

I took just a little bit of everything to try but too much to write about as the section is huge, so make sure you go and try everything. It is worth the adventure! During the International Buffet month here at the Pullman Grande Sukumvit, check out these salads and the desserts! Pick a salad .. any salad!

I went to town as I absolutely love arugula so that is what I ended up having, of course with all the other fixings. A good choice of salad dressings and if you are vegetarian or vegan, there are good options here too! Many choices of Italian, Thai and good ole roast beef and gravy! Ansar couldn’t get enough of the roast beef and gravy!

Furthermore, there was so much more and so little time and not enough belly room, although Ansar and I sat for 3+ hours really enjoying the conversation while it poured heavy rain outside. We were too busy sampling all the delectable delights and didn’t realize how fast the time flew by! The bread was soft and chewy and the cheeses were plenty!

Pasta Station

I love these mini stations where they make exactly what you want. I chose my pasta, the sauce and spiced it up way too much! But, that is how I love to eat my pasta! The chef made it perfectly saucy and spicy.

It’s so easy to get full so fast at a buffet, so that’s why I’d like to take my time to really enjoy the ambiance! And in this case the music was playing in the In Blu lobby bar which added to the overall dining experience.

Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain was another sight to see, I really should have had dessert first however, I didn’t, my bad! After all was said and done, we went to the dessert section, I had the passion fruit sorbet and the blueberry yogurt cup! My friend dipped a chocolate brownie square, marshmallow and some fruit in the chocolate fountain. Wow .. so so good!

A great end to a nice buffet. Miss my kids and our travels though as this took me back a few year when we would all travel together!

Thank you to the staff for the wonderful service and to Ash for organizing this international buffet experience. Will definitely be back next month to see what the next theme will be! Pullman is one of my favourite hotel chains. Thank you again.

With love and gratitude,



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