You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Dined at The Deck: A Restaurant with a View to Remember!

by Fauzia

First and foremost I do have to say that walking into The Deck, Bangkok on Sukumvit Soi 20 has such an amazing tropical Bali vibe! This place is situated right in front of Sara’s Veg and it is consistently packed with people. It feels so good to have the world wake up from it’s 2 year slumber and see the activities happening in and around Bangkok.

My trusty photographer Fasial Patrick and I had the pleasure of spending time with the creator of these culinary delights. Chef Lenny hails from New York and has spend enough time in SE Asia to know what he is concocting!

Beef Tartar

Beef Tartar

Fasial Patrick was in love with this!! I took one peak and I said “it looks way too good to eat”! Whilst I am not a fan of beef tartar, as I like my meat cooked, he chowed down and savoured this delight. I took a small bite to try it and I can tell you, it was tasty! However I am not a huge fan of this, but please if you like it you will love it says my tartar connoisseur, Faisal Patrick!

Buffalo Cauliflower

Cauliflower Buffalo Bites with dip

I can literally taste these as I write about these amazing cauliflower buffalo bites! Screaming with flavour, these are the perfect apps for that chilled beer! Chef Lenny, I have no idea how you make these so tasty but one after another like popcorn they will go down the hatch and there will be ZERO regrets! I sometimes wonder how much prep goes into making these dishes over all? The Deck Bangkok, you’ve done good! Chef Lenny, you rock!

Katsu Sando

Katsu Sando

The Japanese sandwich, sando, or katsu sando, is similar to our kids’ favourite crustless Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. Whoa.. wait a minute? I had NO clue this was even such a Japanese thing?? I was like “Katsu is a what” in Japan? However, I started to research more about this tasty Asian inspired concoction and I throughly enjoyed the full dish!

Another factor that contributes to the popularity of this dish is the presentation, which involves cutting the sandwich in half and plating it to show off the beautiful insides. The dish is a work of art as well as an incredible culinary creation. So, if you’re a true sando fan, here you can gorge on the mouth-watering sandwiches at The Deck, Bangkok.

Truffle Mushroom

Truffle Mushroom Pizza

Pizza is a Pizza is a Pizza, but not this pizza! Served up in a nice plate size portion, this pizza doesn’t droop in the centre where there is almost no crust! I LOVE crusty pizza, I love a bit of a crunch on the pizza crust and where there should be crust usually ain’t! I know … I know there is no such word as ain’t but in this case it really ain’t! The crust here is through and through! What more could you ask for? This is a damn good pizza! foodpanda: order here!

Chili Crab Salad

Chili Crab Salad

Now this is a salad! This has a very unique distinct flavours of Thai and American all blended into a creative culinary eat, by Chef Lenny at The Deck Bangkok! This salad will keep you wondering of all the fresh ingredients fused together like a tall gin and tonic, which makes this my favourite salad to eat here! The amalgamation of edible flowers sprinkled lightly commingling with the crunchiness of the salad greens and the savoury chilli crab is to die for!

Chili Crab Spaghetti

Crab Spaghetti

The last dish to grace our table was the chilli crab spaghetti and sampling a small portion of it made me realize how tasty this dish really is. I ended up having to take this dish home because the generous portions of the previous dishes did not allow me to fully engage in the taste of this wonderfully prepared pasta.

I really cannot thank Chef Lenny enough for keeping us company. As for Fasial Patrick for taking such great photos (although the in the blog are all my photos), we had such an amazing discussion about chilis peppers, the hottest pepper in the world and so on. Quite interesting I just say!

The Deck Bangkok, on Sukumvit 20, you cannot disappoint with all your exceptional staff and service, yes you read this correctly! One of the most attentive, smiling staff in BKK! My mom used to say, you get farther with honey than you do with vinegar and the more you smile the more they smile right back at ya!!!

I just finished planning a huge event at The Deck, and well if it wasn’t for the rain, we would have had a bigger turnout. Moreover, let me just say one more thing, the staff was amazing throughout the evening and beyond!

This place has just opened, so come on down and have a beer and pizza or pasta or salad … LOL or whatever your hearts desires! Thank you to Damian and Chef Lenny and the staff for making this possible. At The Deck Bangkok, the staff will be there to help serve you the freshest and the best they have! Remember, they can also deliver and it doesn’t hurt the pocket book!

With Love and Gratitude,



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