Best kept Secret revealed at Saravana Bhavan in Silom

by Fauzia

If you want to try one of the best-kept secrets for dosas in the heart of the financial district of Bangkok then look no further! Saravana Bhavan is located in the heart of the Jewelry District as well, Silom, where weary travellers come there to trade their gemstones and want to enjoy a taste of home!

Cheese Dosa

This restaurant serves up the crispiest and approximately 30 different types of dosas from southern India. I have only ever had masala dosa’s and this one had so many varieties. I thought there were only a few but not this many types. The creativity that goes into cooking these dosas is phenomenal.

Saravana Bhavan can be found in Bangkok but you can also find them in 27 different countries with 97 different locations around the world! Wow, you definitely know this is a class act, as all the chefs are hired from India and specialize in what you are being served in each and every one of the restaurants around the world. Delivery is also a convenient option here.

Vada with coconut chutney

Vada is very common in south India as a vegetarian appetizer as a few of these savoury donuts can fill a person up! Vada is a crispy deep-fried salty donut made of lentils, typically it is Urud or Chana lentils which are soaked, ground to flour then made into the batter with the right spices. Let me tell you, these are crispy on the outside but softy and chewy on the inside. The two different coconut chutney the green one is a little bit more spicier than the white one but both very delicious to go with the Vada.

Masala Dosa / Paper Dosa

This is a paper dosa, this is something I’ve never tried before however, it’s actually fried a little bit crispier than the usual dosa. It comes paper thin and super crispy fried with ghee. The potato mixture inside is also not the typical masala potato you would find normally. This dosa was delightful as it breaks away perfectly and compliments the aloo (potato) and the different chutneys and the sambar.

Rava Dosa

I also had the wonderful opportunity to try a Rava Dosa, which is now my favourite type of dosa to eat! Rava is semonila mixed with the normal dosa batter. It came with cashews inside the batter and the texture was different and it was fun to eat this!

When my son was visiting from Canada because he’s a vegan we would come and frequent this restaurant because it was nearby and delicious! In 2016, I came here with my Mom also and we equally enjoyed this place immensely because of the ambiance.

Idli soaked in Sambar with Chutneys

When I was travelling in India I didn’t go to the southern regions, however, in any restaurant or hotel, south Indian food was always an option. The idli and sambar are truly one of my favourite south Indian dishes it’s is a staple favourite. The flavours mixed so well in this awesome combination! One of my dear friends here in Bangkok invited me to join him for Sunday brunch and this was the place to go!

Vegetarian Thali

Now, this is what I was waiting for, as I like to try different thali’s from different types of Indian restaurants especially from different provinces of India. This Thali of course being from the south, they also have northern thalis as well. I tried the South Indian one and no disappointment, all was fresh and tasty.

South Indian Thali

All the delicious little dishes with just enough veggies in there to keep the palate fresh and inviting. The veggie options change in the thalis daily. They also have puri which is a deep-fried bread available on weekends only. You can have halva, puri and chole (channa) for a Sunday brunch as well. The halva is heavenly here!

DAILY SPECIALS: The thalis are super inexpensive and all you can eat (some restrictions apply) daily specials are the most popular ordered item! Take your friends and family, give this unlimited thali’s a try and you will keep going back for more!

Rava Dosa

I had such a great afternoon sitting with the owner of Saravana Bhavan, Mr. Anwar and discussing the whole COVID situation. I forgot to mention that there are 37 locations also in India where this restaurant and the concept of this restaurant originated.

Rest assured this restaurant is super clean super hygienic and with all the right measures in place you can feel safe coming here to eat with your friends and family. Saravana Bhavan has a lot of seating, it boasts all white and clean, plus they welcome all family members to join and dine in.

If you live in Thailand, they are also qued up with the M card for additional points and of course the ever popular food delivery app Food Panda.

Thank you to the staff here, they are super helpful and wonderful!

Wiht love and gratitude,


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