Island Hopping to Paradise: A Bird’s-eye Review of Blue Andaman and Koh Lanta – The Perfect Getaway for Beach Bums and Adventure Seekers

by Fauzia

So .. I booked these cute little bungalows in Koh Lanta, my first time there and I was quite pleased when I walked onto this property!

I got a peek at the pool and I smirked big time! I was so excited to see the rooms here and my own little space for 2 nights, I was in paradise.

For the first evening I didn’t even venture out into Koh Lanta the island itself,  I stayed in after a full night of travelling by over night bus to Krabi bus terminal then taking a ride to the ferry, on the ferry to the get to Koh Lanta.

Luckily I had books everything in advanced such as my bus tickets and my ferry tickets.

So I unpacked my massive fat backpack and first things first, put on my swimwear and went to go sit at the restaurant on the beach to have a cold brew and some delicious authentic Thai food!

So the first night the food was amazing, I mean after a few too many Brewski’s, food always tastes better, lol don’t you think?

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I devoured this delicious food and sat there, met some really nice people from all over the world!  Furthermore, met some travellers from Bangkok and really had a great time conversing about the incredible life in Thailand.

I loved my little beach bungalow!  The Bus Andaman Resort as clean, the staff was friendly and most importantly, the setting was heavenly!  I cozied into this bungalow for 2 nights!  I quickly changed into on of my new bathing suits and headed to the beach bar/restaurant sitting right on the beach!  Wow .. again I realized how thankful I am to be here for 2 nights and quickly trying to forgot the most uncomfortable overnight bus ride! LOL

Hello Koh Lanta  … I love you!

So for the next few nights, this was my view!  I sat at this exact seat with my friends and staring to have a few cold brews! We literally sat here all day and night!  We ate, we drank and we literally had the best conversations this evening then went to sleep in our quiet peaceful bungalows as next day, 4 island tour here we come!

The tide is high during the day and in the evening the tide goes so low to expose all the dark corals!  Nature is so beautifully breathtaking!

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Thank you for reading and comment below to share your thoughts!

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