4 Island Tour from Koh Lanta: An Epic Adventure You Can’t Miss – A Hilarious Review of the Best Island Hopping Experience

by Fauzia

Hello from Koh Lanta,

ON Dec 24, 2022 I left on a overnight bus to travel…and the journey was so uncomfortable for various reasons! Firstly, my bus left Bangkok at 7:20 pm and I was excited as I had heard so much from people, oh you should really travel Thailand via overnight bus or train! I chose the bus option to see for myself and I booked my tickets online here. I would not recommend the tain as a matter of fact unless you are on a budget or just want to experince this journey!

I got a great deal and excited to start my journey! I got to Krabi Bus Terminal around 7:30 am and then waited to be picked up by a minivan to take me straight to my resort in Koh Lanta.   I booked my stay for Koh Lanta via booking.com.   I was so happy to have finally arrived in Koh Lanta, after a few hours from leaving Krabi Bus Terminal, also dropping others off at their resorts along the wayl

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I get to my cozy little beach bunglalow literally meters from the soft white sand beach of Koh Lanta and well. I was so grateful after a long journey, I made it here!

Once settled in, I was famished, went the restaurant on the resort to have some good food and a nice chilled beer, I wanted to pinch myself to actually say, I am here and loving it”. The beach was literally empty!

Koh Lanta feels like another world but it is beautiful in that corner of the world, wanting to explore the untouched parts of the island, as it is still being developed.

From Koh Lanta, I booked a really cool 4 island tour!  Our group went to Koh Kradan, Ko Mook, Koh Chuea and Koh Ngai and the Emerald Cave! Wow … the speed boat as super bumpy and you can most certainly book the tours here with us, for a special price online.

Check out the full video one this site homepage to YT videos or our @followfauzia YT channel.

The emerald cave was a lot of fun as we all had to single file our way through the cave to come out of the other side in a remote lagoon!  It was so cool!

Then we all swan back to the post and proceeded to the other islands.

Ko Kradan was my fav of the 4 island only because we sat there and had lunch, which is  provided in the tour package by Rattana Tours. 

Check our our videos on our YT channel for more photos and videos of the islands and resorts or watch them here on our home page! 

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