Delivery Review: Breads and Sizzler @ W District leaves you craving for more.

by Fauzia

At Breads and Sizzler, conveneintly located in the heart the W District, in Phra Khanong, get 20% discount this month only! Make sure you order right away and take advantage of this generous offer!

You won’t want to miss this extensive delicious food menu and the best of all the wonderful taste and aromas of India. Make sure you have a nice bottle of vino, to compliment the great flavours of India. (ask us for a wine list)

The delivery – WOW

I didn’t know what to open first? Well, I really wanted to try the Kadi Pakora with the zeera rice so that is what I dove into first. So, my mom made the best Kadi Pakora on the planet (who can agree about moms cooking – right), anyway, this was amazing. I have not had proper kadi pakora in Bangkok ever! Moreover, this will now be my go to place for sure. Breads and Sizzler made this dish with a wallop.

Afgani Chicken, Chicken Haryalii and Chicken Tandoori with crunchy carrots and cucumber

Hariyali chicken or green chicken is a delicious Indian dish made with chicken, fresh aromatic herbs and spices. However, it is marinated in this spicy green masala, this chicken was tender and chewy at the same time. Hariyali it means green; so here the main ingredient is coriander and mint leaves.

Take a piece of naan bread, carefully pick up a chunk of this chicken breast and pop it in your mouth with some crunchy onions and viola!! Explosion of flavours in your mouth, gustatory cells are super happy!

The afghani chicken was carefully marinated in a mild creamy yogurt sauce. Very succulent and tender. I love to dip it in one of the tomatoey chutneys for that added extra zing!

Beef Pepper Fry, Zeera Rice, Garlic Naan, Aloo Matar, and Gobi Manchurian

The beef pepper fry has bit of crunchy fresh onions and kadi leaves on it, which gave it nice wholesome flavour! The beef was robust yet mild. I loved to eat the beef pepper fry with the garlic naan.

The zeera rice is really good with the aloo matar. For me the aloo matar could have had a bit more spice thrown in it, or like fresh chillis. The gobi Manchurian is very Indo-Chino flavouring which adds a distinctive change to offset the Indian flavours.

The Kerela parotta was so flaky and layered like an expert. I love to eat these parotta’s heated with a bit of lychee jam with my Indian tea for breakfast in the morning and also tastes incredibly good with a giant fried egg and chilli pickle.

Thank you for Vineeth for allowing me to delve into these amazing flavours. I’m sure the chefs you have a waiting for serve up some delicious food. Delivery available on all apps. Check it out un Breads and Sizzler. A name you can’t forget.

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