Delivery Review: Indus on Sukumvit Soi 26, delivers a delight.

by Fauzia
Tandoori Creamy Broccoli , Chicken Kebab e Malai, Butter Chicken, Lucknow Chicken Dum Biryani and papadums

Perfect for 1 person, this meal was deliver in perfect condition. It came out nice and steamy hot, ready to be devoured.

The Papadums were crispy and light. We took the papadums and dipped in the mild spicy green coriander chutney.

The tandoori creamy broccoli was tasty, but a bit on the soggy side. I know if we were to dine in, the broccoli would have held its own.

The chicken-e-malai, was very soft, succulently tasty chicken pieces. Easily to be wrapped in a naan, with green chutney and eaten like a kebab style. Without the green chutney, the chicken lacked the rich malai flavour.

Lucknow Chicken Dum Biryani was my overall favourite. I like it because it as not so heavy on the masalas. Made with spiced chicken, caramelized onion and fragrant basmati rice, it’s the perfect Indian comfort food! There were good amount of chicken pieces for 2 people!

Butter Chicken, was the least favourite. The butter chicken lacked flavour, spices and tasted almost too creamy and tomatoey? My friends daughter liked it however, I really hesitate ordered butter chicken at any Indian restaurants, as it is my least favourite item on the menu. I just think Indian food is more than butter chicken!

Dessert: Gulab jamun is always nice to have after such a spicy meal with some great masala Indian chai. Very well done. I only had 1 as I always say – A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips. My mom used to laugh every time I would say that!

The food here at Indus is definitely made for a foreigners palate, stated my Indian Thai friend who shared the food with me. She and numerous expatriate friends have been to Indus beforehand and love the ambiance of this place.

Thank you to the staff at Indus for preparing a lovely meal. They are offering delivery, please check them out in the links below. 20% off, if you order direct!

With love and gratitude,



Line: @indus


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