Delivery Review: Sri Ananda Bhawan makes the most authentic Indian fare in Bangkok!

by Fauzia

The moment you walk into Sri Ananda Bhavan, you are immediately greeted with a smile and seated! Servers are all dressed nicely and in green who will come and take your order. Located conveniently on the corner of Soi 15, on Silom road, shortly after the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, you can easily find it.

If you don’t know what to order, definitely ask the staff “what the most popular dishes are”. I can confidently say they will say everything! Sri Ananda Bhavan is no ordinary Indian restaurant. They are unique and authentic. I also can attest to that because I have been here on many different occasions, especially after my workouts, with friends and just an afternoon lunch by myself. Furthermore, every single time the quality and service was great at Sri Ananda Bhavan. Each and everyone one I have introduced to the place become a speed dial for ordering.

Chili Paneer

Speaking with one of the owners, he suggested for the time of Covid that the Chindo or the Szechuan set would be the most convenient and tastiest. Normally, I usually order my daal tarkda and 2 chapati’s, however, I was happy they selected this one for me to try!

I’m not usually a big paneer, fan but this dish I could eat all day long! The szechwan sauce wrapped around like a cozy blanket, was spicy, hot, crispy and very delectable! I literally couldn’t stop eating this! You can eat this on it’s own or with a roti.

Sri Ananda Bhavan – these are the dishes that were highly recommended and sent to me!

Chindian Combo *Chili Gobi *Chili Paneer *Chicken Manchurian *Lemon Chicken *Chicken Szchewan Fried Rice And South Indian Dish were *Kerala Prawn Curry *Mutton Pepper Fry *Lemon Rice Veg Dishes *Bhindi Masala *Malai Kofta

Bhindi in the round dish, Chicken Manchurian, Mutton Pepper Fry (brown dish) The Lemon Chicken and Chili Gobi.

Chili Gobi, what is served up spicy hot and steamy and chock-full of Indian Chinese flavour. Love the triangular plates too!

Mutton Pepper Fry, instead of juicy chunks of mutton that have been slow cooked and the spices have a seeped inside the meat! I had chicken pepper fry with a friend of mine. I thought was a little bit better than the mutton, but if you are a fan of mutton this would be an ideal dish. Remember to order the garlic naan to use to scoop the delicious mutton swiftly into your watering mouth!

Lemon chicken, very unique lemony pungent chicken breast in this dish. I like the use of the yellow pepper as the crunchiness adds to the softness of the chicken. The flavours mix really well and it is so good to have a refreshing tasty Indian chicken dish!

Chicken Manchurian, spectacular and suburb. One can really savour this dish slowly with a nice glass of red wine and naan, made in heaven. The use of the green chilli, the spice level was over the top! The Manchurian sauce, the mouthwatering chunks of chicken breast and the warm naan bread to eat it with, drool!

Chicken Szchewan Fried Rice

The chicken szechuan fried rice I had to have the next day because there was so much food that I couldn’t possibly have eaten it. Even my friend who joined me, was stuffed.

The serving portion for the rice is quite large and so fulfilling. We kept slowly munching way as a matter of fact, you actually can’t stop eating it. Moreover when you are ordering this Chindian Combo, I would make sure to add some naan, chapati or roti.

I love being able to use my hands and scoop up chunks of meat or okra with my naan/roti or chapati.

Bhindi (Okra) Masala

One of my very favourite vegetables is okra it is a vegetable that is so underrated and not widely used particularly in North America. Okra is however, rich in magnesium, folate, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C, K1, and A. Okra may benefit pregnant women, heart health, and blood sugar control. It may even have anticancer properties.

However growing up in a Pakistani household, bhindi is one of the most common and tasty nutritional dishes. This bhindi masala was pallatable but had a little bit too much oil for my liking. The salt portions were perfect.

Lemon Rice & Veg Dishes

HOLD the phone and include this in your order!! I don’t know what they did with this rice. It tasted very similar to poha, without the flattened rice, but the extra added ingredients made this very appetizing, an overall favourite dish! There was a crunchiness, a distinct slight lemony flavour all packed in the unassuming deliciousness!! It is definitely not another rice dish, it is so much more than that!

Chili Gobi

If you are really hungry make sure you order this because each and every single dish had the most unique and different flavour of Szechuan/Machurian. Indian Chinese food is not really a big cuisine type here in Bangkok, Thailand, however in other parts of the world I know it’s very very popular. After trying this Chindo set, you will definitely know what I’m talking about. Ready for something different?

Praw Curry

The Prawn curry was divine. The large prawn in a creamy turmeric gravy was yummy! Dipped my naan in this thick gravy and scooped the prawn in 1 bite. Deliciously, I savoured the tasty morsels slowly. This is a favourite and definitely too good to pass up. The malai kofta was good, the gravy comes a bit on the sweet side. I prefer very spicy and savoury to sweet, however this was good.

Fortunately, I have been to this restaurant on many occasions I know how clean to keep this restaurant and how fast and fresh this food is made on a daily basis. However, I had Sri Ananda Bhavan delivered due to COVID restrictions. They are hiding the highest standards even during the delivery for cleanliness and customer safety. I hope I didn’t miss anything we had so much food so many different flavours dancing on our palate and our taste buds were definitely pleased but confused. (in a good way of course) LOL

Make sure that you call them up they are on all of the delivery apps! There is a special happening now for the Chindo Combo so make sure you don’t miss out! They are also doing take away so if you’re in the Silom area or Sathorn, place your order and come pick it up hot and fresh.

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Phone: 095 025 4556

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