Mexican(Hola) meets Indian (Namaste) in this all you can eat Sunday buffet!

by Fauzia

What a Combo!! I will take 2 – literally, you can eat 2 different types of cuisine in this all you can eat Sunday buffet! At Rang Mahal and Mexican Restaurante Authentico the highly organized and well-prepared menus boast a wide range of choices! It is in a convenient spot located on Sukumvit Soi 18 in the Rembrandt Hotel with gorgeous views on the 26th floor. Didn’t know whether to say Hola or Namaste so instead it was Hello!


I got there a bit early and while waiting for the buffet to set up, I walked around touring the 26th floor views. I spotted some good scenic locations, and at that very moment, I spotted this flowerbed on the veranda roof top! The roof top is a lively spot for memorable moments. Beautiful views of Bangkok in a gorgeous Sunday afternoon! I also started to reminisce with my friends that came with me on this branch about my awesome trips to India and to Mexico. I love the cuisines of both of these countries and I couldn’t wait to try it all with them. So glad that I am involved with a group of people that love food and different types of food and are willing to experiment!

Single Red Rose

Anyway…. I digress! So here we are waiting to be seated for a delicious Mexico meets India brunch buffet. A very unique combination of both restaurants coming together, Rang Mahal and Mexicano Restaurante Authentico. There was delicious Indian Chai, freshly squeezed orange juice and many more varieties of delicious drinks.

Drinks bar with fresh Indian Masala Chia and various sodas and coffees

Let’s dig in! The ambience was very nice with Indian Raga music in the background, we sauntered over to the buffet bar! It was neat to see how Mexico and India blended favours from 2 different continents. They have combined the buffet because of COVID and I loved this idea of having 2 different types of cuisine for my tastebuds!

Indian Buffet Menu was: Lamb tikka kebabs, Broccoli with Malai, Chicken Tikka, Hara bara kebabs, fried paneer and a separate station making dosa’s, and South Indian Idly, sambar and veda’s.

The lamb and chicken tikka were very flavourful, the broccoli grilled with cream was to die for and the fried paneer was a bit bland which was good because all of the other enjoyable foods combined were palatable.

Pork Chops, Lamb Tikka Kebabs, Chicken Tikka, Nachos Chips, and more…

Mexicano Buffet Menu: pull apart pork chops, fried cheese balls, mixed grilled vegetables, separate station for making fresh quesadillas, burritos, tacos, nachos and chips.

The pork chops done to perfection, the cheese balls delightfully savoury, the mixed vegetables; were not soggy but had a crispness about them. Hope you have an bottomless stomach as these were just the starters!!

Fillings for tacos, burritos, quesadilla’s station

Fresh Guacamole and 3 different types of salsas were also readily available for your choice. The guacamole was so delicious, delicately spiced and not too heavy on the onions. The hot and spicy salsa was mouth-watering. The other salsas were less on the spice scale. If you wanted to add spice to any of your dishes, this salsa was the ideal paring for that whoosh of spice. We had one of each tacos; the pulled pork, beef and chicken served on a corn tortillas. Each had their own unique flavours, consensus was the beef took the top honours in the taco category!

Fresh Guacamole and 3 different salsa’s

Once you sample all the wonderful buffet bars, make sure you also order from the A la carte menu. The 3 of us, ordered our favourites or dishes we haven’t tried before. However our sever was so nice and ended up ordering almost everything off the A la carte menu for us. The A la carte is also included in the all you can eat price of the buffet. The portions come smaller than a regular serving sizes. They come freshly made and on the spot!

Chicken Biryani

One of the favourite for me was the Chicken Biryani from Rang Mahal restaurant. You can just tell by smelling biryani how well it’s done. The fragrant basmati rice, the mix of the spices come together in a medley of enticing flavours. It came with a plain raita, which in my opinion wasn’t necessary. This biryani can definitely stand alone!

Seabass, fish curry, beef abgoda. and garlic naan

All of a sudden our A la carte items came at once. We needed to slow down our consuming of these tantalizing flavours as our tastes bud were getting confused Mexico … India… India …. Mexico?! LOL. Goan Fish curry … Mexican Beef with cheese, pulled pork with green sauce … whoa!! Talk about an amazing selection of yumminess!

We ordered 1 masala dosa which was shared among the 3 of us and yes, it definitely passed the test! This comes from the Rang Mahal side! The savouriness of the spicy masala potatoes inside, the crispness of the dosa make a wonderful addition to this buffet! Next time I will try the sambar, idly and vada for the southern part of India.

Masala Dosa

Coming to this buffet brunch reminded me of my many many trip to all inclusive resorts in Mexico with my family. The cactus and the sombreros made me a bit nostalgic for Mexico’s sun, beach resorts and the tequila. The different stations making different items, a heavenly reminder of where I need go once COVID restrictions are uplifted! Thank you to Mexicano Restaurante Authentico for these wonderful dishes and memorable moment of Mexico!

Seabass, Pulled Pork in green sauce, Beef with peppers and cheese, fish curry and naan

Once by one…. we devoured the dishes. All very scrumptious, my least favourite of the A la carte was pork in green sauce, but was a favourite of one of my friends who really enjoyed that! Al of the other dishes packed with amazing flavours, it was almost too much sensation for the tastebuds to keep up! No complaints!!

There was so much more to discover perhaps next time I go I will definitely try the other dishes. Make sure you go on. empty stomached and pace yourself! It is really a medley of fun flavours and to try different dishes.

Chocolate mousse, Matcha Ice cream and fresh deep fried Churros with Chocolate sauce.

We didn’t think we had any room for dessert but of course we had to have the dessert as they were making fresh churros!! Disbelief. Yes…the churros, were so good, they came out fresh and crispy delicately tossed in sugar. Furthermore, they were just like the ones I have tasted in Mexico. They also had a huge assortment of bite size dessert portions of Pavlova, Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halva, Ice cream, chocolate cakes, and so much more.

In conclusion, with very very full satisfyed bellies, the overall rating for this amazing buffet is 5/5!! Yes, the quality of ingredients, the services and ambience was nothing short of spectacular.

Very big hearty thank you to the staff at Rang Mahal and Mexicano Restaurante Authentico for putting such a find far-off delicious eats and fancy treats. There are specials so make sure you make reservations as the place was packed with hungry brunch goer’s.

With Love and gratitude,




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