Get Ready to Wok and Roll: Discover the Magic of Wokstar Express’ Chinese Delights!

by Fauzia

Welcome to Wokstar Express, be a RockStar at WokStar, really wanted to say that! Now that I have that out of the way, Wokstar Express is celebrating a second new location in Udom Suk and we couldn’t be happier! When I rolled up on the Grab Bike to the new location, I couldn’t help but think, is this really in Bangkok? It had such great Koh Samui vibes and guess what…. they have locations there too!

Mushroom Chips and handmade chilli sauce.

I had the opportunity to meet with the owners and what a great bunch of people running this restaurant plus various other activities in and around Thailand. While waiting for the food to arrive, Leonard and I were munching on these mushroom chips with this homemade delicious sauce. Mushroom chips are complementary!!

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However when the next item arrived move on over because these Prawn toasts were the most amazing appetizers and I couldn’t get enough of them!

Prawn Toast

Hold the sauce, these Prawn Toast can definitely stand alone without the sauce however the sauce makes these Prawn Toast so complete. Moreover, sesame on top of the prawns is the  quintessential topping! Truly filling and satisfying. Enjoy! Also is really good the next day!

Sweet and Sour Pork

The most popular dish at WokStar Express, this popular sweet and sour pork with white rice is the boss! Try it you won’t regret it and furthermore I can understand why this is very popular. The glazed chucks of pork, big bites of capsicum with green onion toppings, really is the champion of sweet and sour pork!

Black Pepper Chicken and Cashews

These chunks of chicken are soaked in a black pepper sauce. The overall taste is a teensy bit sweet, however, the dried red chilli’s in the dish can really make a statement of chilli heat. The red chili’s add a nice punch to the black pepper chicken and again, with white rice, it is a superb flair of flavours! It is made fresh daily and very western style taste! All you North American western Chinese food lovers, gotta love it!

Egg Fried Rice

Wow.. this flavour brought me back home to Canada. The Chinese restaurant in the small towns make this rice so tasty! A huge dollop of the child oil competes this dish for me and if that is all I can have then it is hit! No need for anything else, just grab a pair of chopsticks and devour away! WokStar Express, you have outdid yourself here!

Singapore Noodles

Once moving to Thailand, I really thought I would get this dish at any Chinese eatery, however the best place to order it is at WokStar Express. This place embodied the exact flavour my tastebud were craving and I couldn’t get enough. The noodles, the BBQ chicken, the capsicum, and the prawn on top with the dryness of these scrumptious noodles definitely hit the spot. And, these are second to none!

Salt and Pepper Prawns

Special mix made for me – Prawns, chicken and Tofu!

These late night Chinese food places are the ideal place to go after a night out in Canada. As a group we would end up here and the first thing on the menu we would order without even perusing the menu was salt and pepper seafood! OMG… the ultimate late night munchies before heading home. WokStar Express serves the baddest salt and pepper prawns. For Leonard and I, they made a medley of Prawns, chicken and tofu! You can also order this, but make sure you let them know you want the mix!

Thank you to Kirk and Jono for such wonderful hospitality! As mentioned earlier where I went to go taste these delightful dishes the first location can be found on Sukumvit Soi 29. You can place the order here via food panda! I am definitely gong to cozy up one day to order WokStar Express in the funky Chinese take-away boxes, grab some chopstick to Netflix and Chill!! YUM! Available on all delivery app, make sure you make this as a favourite!!

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