Clean Fresh eating at ViVo Vegetarian and here are 3 reasons why you need to try it?

by Fauzia

You know those little hidden gems right in front of your eyes but you don’t look up or take notice to them? Well Vivo Vegetarian is one of those places to make sure you take notice in On Nut, not too far from the BTS but hidden away in a strip mall. 100% plant based food, you will not be disappointed!

Let’s dig in. ..

Fried Dough

Crispy Fried Dough

I was walking with my son to Lumpini park and we ran into a street vendor deep frying this and selling these dough twists on the street with sweetened condensed milk as a dip and we both fell in love. It is so addictively sinful! However, at ViVO Vegetarian, you can get a similar dish with fresh vegan dough fried in light oil. It came out hot and fresh and we requested the dip as with it. The Doug itself is slightly sweetened naturally but we thought, if we do we do it right! Once the dip came, we chowed down and they didn’t last long!

Fried Catfish

Stir fried catfish with red chilli paste

Somehow eating clean food, one doesn’t think much about calories as it is healthy, fresh and nutritious! The deep fired catfish came out and it was crunchy and crispy . We chose it not have rice but even without the rise it was savoury. I like the fresh uncooked green beans and the cucumber on the side. It was spicy and we really all enjoyed this thoroughly.

Bamboo & Mushroom Soup

Bamboo pulp soup with shitake mushroom

When this soup came out I can tell just by it’s presentation it will be a delicious soup and I was right! My favourite of these soups, I definitely pick this for many reasons! This soups flavouring was spicy, clear broth, the veggies crunchy fresh and mushrooms plenty! The bamboo gave it a very different texture in a palatable way.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup – Vegan

Pumpkin soup was the first to come out and for us to try! It was very light in taste and spices! I like the added black sesame seed as a garnish but would loved to have had roasted pumpkin seeds spiced up as a garnish! This was a little too bland for my liking, however I was putting the fried catfish in it to spice it up!

Crispy Fried Pork

Crispy fried pork with salt

This crispy pork could have been a bit crispier but the realty awesome reason for this is that this is not made from soy! This crispy pork is made with white kidney bean instead of tofu, it is deep fried nicely and with the added red chilies makes it very popular.

I love the way the Thai’s eat spicy food, I just couldn’t believe it when I first moved to Thailand for my GIA course and saw Thai’s eating such spicy food! I love this country just for that fact alone!

Minced Pork with Vegetables

Fresh vegetables with Minced pork and coconut dipping

I am not quite sure what this was, but it was really tasty however a bit too sweet! It is supposed to be sweet nonetheless, I am glad this was the last dish as I counted it as a “dessert”. If anyone wants a more sweeter side of the menu, this would be the dish for you! For me, if it didn’t have the sugar in it, I would be gobbling this up quickly!

Thank you to Faisal Patrick, Zaw and Pukky for arranging this fabulous lunch!

With Love & Gratitude,



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