Delivery Review: 3 Reasons To Love Bite Burger!!

by Fauzia

There is more to Bite burger than meets the eye! I remember how much I love burgers after tasting these burgers. Brough back a lot of childhood memories of family BBQ’s. Make sure you check them out once the restriction are lifted as they deliver great food.

Bite Burger doesn’t only make burgers, but amazing BBQ ribs and steaks with grilled veggies!

Pork BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Smothered in a smoky BBQ sauce, these ribs were done to perfection. The meat was tender and juicy! The grilled side veggies and the mustard and mayo dipped was the

This burger place offers a good variety of burger on their menu.

Pork Burger with French fries

A delicious pork patty, smothering in BBQ sauce and caramelized fried onions! Oooh and some capsicum for extra added crunch! Although many of my friends do not prefer the green capsicum so if you are one of them make sure you ask to eliminate that or replace it with another vegetable.

Burger with Fried Egg & Fries

This was my favourite burger, the fried egg and thick cut French fries with a juicy burger patty was so so good! The sauces must be their secret ingredients as they are tangy, flavourful and added a savoury touch!

Mushroom Burger & Fries

Good GAWD! The nail salons have been closed for quite a while so please do not look at my manicure! LOL!

Focus your sights on this delicious mushroom burger the mushrooms fried in such a great way smothered in another very tangy, tasty somewhat semi sweet sauce and was awesome. The bun as soft and chewy, goes down really nice with an ice cold beer!

Thank you for the amazing staff and chefs who took the time to prepare this delicious food! The restaurants will hopefully be opening soon and we can all go out and experience this in person!

With Love and Gratitude,



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