Delivery Review: Sweet or Savoury The Pocket has the right Pinsa for your mood!

by Fauzia

What exactly is a Pinsa? I was like is it a pizza or what? The owner of The Pocket conveniently located in Sukumvit 71 (Phra Khanong area) makes the best Pisa I have ever tasted! I have been to Italy many years ago but not quite sure if this is what I had and now that I think about it, I most certainly didn’t.

Pinsa is a style of hand-pressed pizza dough that has been a part of Roman artisan baking and cooking for over 100 years. Pinsa, in shaped is long and not round like a pizza. It is almost like a flatbed shape and Pinsa means “push the dough by hand” in Latin. I have NO clue and the best thing is NOW I do! Thanks to The Pocket BKK!

The Pocket in Bangkok has brought this right from the Roman style of culinary cuisines.

Strawberry & Nutella Pinsa

Strawberry Nutella Pinsa

Let’s begin with dessert first, thank you to The Pocket BKK for allowing this wonderful dessert to grace my table. My first thought when I saw this superb dessert pinsa, was my nephew back in Canada, who is a Nutella’a’holic! LOL .. although my palate is much more of a savoury kind, I really enjoyed the Strawberry Nutella Pinsa and besides who can say “NO” to this?

Delicious fresh strawberries on top of a sweet Nutella spread and the “pinsa” bread was light and somewhat crispy! It was like an open pastry with juicy fresh strawberry goodness to have with a nice cuppa coffee! YUM!

The Pocket makes fresh pinsa bread which is slightly different than pizza dough.

The main distinction between Pinsa and Pizza is the unique oval shape of the dough… Roman Pinsa is a much healthier alternative to traditional pizza because the dough is made from a combination of soy, rice, and wheat flours, rather than just one. It is also not spun in the air like traditional Neapolitan pizza.

The word Pinsa comes from the Latin word “Pinsere” that means to stretch, to spread and when you have along oval shaped “pizza impersonator” it is a pinsa!

Diavola Pinsa


The portion of ingredients on this pinsa was perfect! It wasn’t overloaded with too much sauce or cheese, it was perfecto! I sprinkled chilli pepper flakes on it for a spicy punch. The texture of the dough was light, not “dense” but very fluffy. It was a pleasure to eat this and one can definitely tell the difference in the 2 different type of dough! Quite honestly, order 3 of each, you can quickly go through this in 1 sitting!

Loving this Roman style pinsa, will definitely order it again but when I am in the area in Sukumvit 71. My very good friend literally lives around the corner from The Pocket and I know she definitely will be ordering from here too!

Thank you for all the wonderful staff is working hard during this difficult times to make sure your food is delivered hot and fresh! Hope COVID will soon pass – in the meantime please stay safe and support all these amazing eateries in BKK!

With love and gratitude,



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