Delivery Review: 3 tasty reasons to have Lazeez Biryani tonight!!

by Fauzia

Oh .. the delicious aroma of homemade biryani. To make biryani, it take special skills to get the spices and rice combination spot on!

Sometimes, I will order biryani from other places and either there is too much spices clumped together or not enough spices to cover the rice fully! One thing I could definitely tell when food is delivered to me is by it’s aromatic scent.

When I picked up this package and brought it into my home the aroma was outstanding. I couldn’t wait to dig in! It was lunch time and I was dying to try a huge spoonful of the classic chicken biryani.

Lazeez Biryani has got the magic touch!

Chicken Biryani

I added some purple onions, eating biryani without fresh sliced onions is scared for me! There is raita, onions and the delicious spicy green chutney along with chopped fresh Thai chilli, are the perfect condiments with this biryani. Laeez knows how to serve it up even during these covid times!

The Mushroom biryani was my favourite, big chunks of mushrooms and lightly spices rice was a perfect mix of rice to mushrooms. The portion size are so good that you can have at least two meals for one bowl that they serve you in. It is good to also eat it plain.

Lazeez in Urdu, means delicious and this was just that! Completely DELICIOUS!!


Mushroom Biryani

The 3 biryanis I had were:

  • Chicken biyrani which was the classic one you find in all restaurants. Very lazeez and good. The fine classic ingredients such as cumin, coriander, turmeric and many other spices were blended in and the salt was perfection.
  • Chili Chicken Biryani was not really a biryani. It was chilli chicken rice, whilst it had a very Chinese flavour to it which was good, but the word biryani kinda threw me off. It was more Chinese than Indian but overall was flavourful. It came loaded with boneless succulent chunks of chicken mixed with the rice. If you dislike capsicum, make sure you let them know as it comes with it inside. I guess I would consider this as fusion biryani?
  • Mushroom Biryani, my over all favourite and this was a mix of the Chinese and Indian style.

I really liked the portion sizes at Lazeez Biryani.

Right now they’re operating as a delivery only so it’s perfect for Covid times when restaurants are closed you can give them a call they take care of you in every aspect.

I thank the staff very much for putting this amazing three different types of biryani’s together. I’m so grateful for all of the restaurants in Thailand that are doing their best to survive during this Covid time of lockdown. Everyone is taking great measures to keep safe and clean hoping that this may come to an end very soon.

Support your local restaurants because they’re the ones were keeping your bellies full. Make sure that when you’re ordering with Lazeez Biyrani, ask them for other type of biryani’s on the menu or place order via their Facebook page.



With love and gratitude,


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