Holy Moly would you look at these burgers?

by Fauzia

It’s late night and I’m very hungry sooooooo I decided to order some burgers. I was smoothly cruising through my Facebook timeline and I saw an ad or in some food group that I joined.

Then right this very moment, these burgers, called Holy Burger popped on my screen! I had noticed that they were vegan burgers which I absolutely love and I thought well let’s give them a try as they looked really really tasty. So I contacted them on Facebook messenger an hour before they were closing and wanted to place an order. I got into conversation with the owner on messenger and he led me through the menu. Furthermore, I didn’t know what type of burger to get so…I ended up with 3! I ordered 3 holy burgers! I was like wow! So, within 1/2 an hour, my delivery came and just the wonderful aroma coming from the bag I could not help myself fast enough to dig my pearly whites into these soft supple burgers with sheer delight.

Holy Burger is delivery only at the moment. They come beautifully wrapped, warm… ready to be gourmandized in 3 bites!

I had to cut the burgers in 1/2 to try the different tastes of each of them. All superb!

The first burger I sunk my teeth into was THE Holy Burger! The most popular and classic burger to hit my palate was this one! This one has fresh onion, tomato and I absolutely love the dash of jalape├▒os in there to give it a little bit of zing. I literally couldn’t eat this burger fast enough, it was so tasty, like trust me it was devoured in minutes! Moreover, make sure sure you order 2 of these as they go down nice with soda water or a glass of vino! All of the home made special sauces gives each burger a unique flavour!

The second burger was Beyond Bliss and they were not kidding! This one, seriously, I’m like who thought of this amazing concoction. The special sauce of course, the succulent patty, crispy shoestring fries with Sriracha sauce and the most delightful bacon mayonnaise. All snug as a bug under the charcoal bun. This is like having a combo meal without having the fries on the side. I love the use of the shoestring fries because they made the burger crunchy and different. AMAZING!!

Beyond Bliss – the top one!

The 3rd Holy burger was Truffled Pleasures! This one will definitely ruffle your feathers as the taste for this vegan burger is out of this world. The charcoal bun, the truffle mayo, he tangy special sauce and the delicious “no chicken patty! Wow … I will take them all!! I must try the others next order!! Who doesn’t love a good burger and to top it off, vegan!! You won’t miss the “meat”, hands down!!

Truffle Pleasures Burger

There are so many more items on the menu at Holy Burger. You can find them on LINE app and IG @holyburger. So I (with permission) from the owner, used their professional photos as when I ordered my burgers it was close to 10pm. The lighting was not there and I was definitely not going to wait to eat them cold the next day! So thank you for allowing me to use your photos!!

I have tried many vegan burgers, these by far were the tastiest, flavourful and it didn’t feel like I was not eating meat! I am so happy to have these, not as an alternative but as a main stay in my weekly menu! You can order them directly online through Facebook messenger, on the LINE app @holyburger and of course all the delivery apps for food delivery!

With love and many thanks.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holyburgerbkk

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