Sizzle and Spice: A Tour of Grilled Town’s Pakistani Cuisine in Silom!

by Fauzia

So I HAD to start with the dessert first, even though it was the last thing I ate at Grilled Town located on Surawongse Road in Silom. If you are looking for a halal restaurant, this is the place for outstanding Pakistani cuisine. The owner makes sure this place is spotless and clean not to mention the decor is well done! They have 2 floors so you can enjoy a nice spread out place with your friends or family!


So, back to the dessert! Falooda is a delicious homemade ice-cream topped with jelly, chia seeds and noodles. This is a lightly sweet, creamy and also topped with pistachios. One of the best falooda’s I have had in such a long time, the last time I had it was in Jackson Heights NY! It’s creamy and sweet like a milkshake, with a beautiful, floral fragrance and flavor, and also has tangy jello, and chewy vermicelli and basil seeds that have contrasting textures. It also can be indulgent dessert drink, and perfectly refreshing for summer too! You will need to save room for dessert, especially if you love ice-cream!

Pani Puri and Chutney

A great appetizer called Pain (water) and puri (puff hollow crispy balls) stuffed with spicy chickpeas mix. Then you take a very liquid chutney made with coriander, pour it in one of the stuffed balls and pop it in your mouth! There is already a tart tamarind chutney inside as well and the mix of the texture is simply divine. The crispy puri’s and the spiciness of the chickpeas, green chutney isa mouthful to tasteful explosion. Enjoy!

Papri Channa Chat

This is also a good appetizer not to mention, plant based with the chickpeas being a good portion source. The chickpeas come lights spiced, with cracker crisp doused with plain yogurt and chat masala sprinkled on top! It is a light dish and can most certainly be shared. I would have loved fresh chopped onions, coriander and fresh chilis for an extra added spice and color!

Balochistani Karahi

Mutton karhi is a very popular dish however, this one was a bit different as it comes from the Balochistan in Pakistan. The Balochistan region is administratively divided among three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. The largest portion in area and population is in Pakistan, whose largest province (in land area) is Balochistan. Hence the cuisine as 3 types of culinary influence with the majority of it being from Pakistan and Iran!

Tandoori Chicken Grill

Sajji is the only dish from Baluchistan that is famous around the country and the world. Pieces of lamb are cooked around a fire for hours, till the meat gets crispy. This tandoori chicken is that sajji style and boy it was good! Th spices used are by adding salt, black pepper powder and cardamom powder to the spice mix and integrated well. This is your Sajji spice rub.

Afgani Style Chicken Kebabs

Afgani style chicken chunks were so soft and moist. Moreover the mild seasoning but dipped in the chutney adds more punch! However, if you like is mild, this is the one for you! This is marinated in plain yogurt and some light spices which give it the great soft mellow taste!

Mutton Chops

These crispy lamb chops are also a Balochistani style of grill and the masala (spices) are quite different that the normal Pakistani or Indian grill! Yes, these are well done, crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside.

Haleem and fixings

Haleem is a savory thick stew made with meat, wheat, lentils and spices. Typically it is cooked over a very slow heat all day and the spices are mixed along with it. The meat is tenderized then added after to make a very smooth creamy thick like stew. Sometimes, you can leave the chuck of meat and not put shredded meat.

The taste is lentils mixed with spiced meat. It is usually served with fresh julienned ginger, fresh coriander, deep fried shallots with a squeeze of lime of lemon and a dash of garam masala. It can be eaten alone or with naan. Haleem is very hearty and usually served in winter time. At Grilled Town, you can find it as a regular on their menu.

Mutton Biyrani

Wow….. as soon as these dishes came to the table, the aroma was captivating! The fragrance of the biryani was overwhelming. I love Pakistani biryani, as they know how to make it so outstandingly tasty! The essence of biryani was so captivating, I could hardly wait to try it! It was delicious! A must try item on the menu for sure.

Carrot Halva

One of my father’s favourite desserts was this carrot halva. Yes it is make with carrots, cardamom, rose water and of course, sugar with thinly sliced almonds as a topping! The taste brings back feeling of nostalgia fo eating this with my family as my mother made this at home and it was so good! The perfect hints of sugar and cardamom, along with the gentle fragrance of rose water!

Kashmiri Tea

Well I have to had Kashmiri tea in such a long time, as I forgot how good it is! What I love about Pakistani food is the scent of the food! It is so different than Indian food and for those who know what I am saying will get it! Grilled Town knows how to serve up a great BBQ grill as that is what they are known for!

There is a coffee shop inside the restaurant as well, which you can just go in and have coffee and dessert too!

Thank you to Asif for being such a great host to us, and Nadeem for setting this up for me and Ansar for coming to join on this dinner! Much appreciated and can’t wait to go back for more!

With Love and Gratitude,


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