Dilli 6 Spice Expedition: Journey to Indian Delights in Phuket!

by fauzia

I absolutely love the vibe of Patong Road in Phuket, Thailand. One of my friends who lives here discovered this little place called Dilli 6, he was late night partying with his guy friends. Ever since he has been coming back to this restaurant, so when I went to go visit Phuket, he took me to Dilli 6. I was so happy to have had something different to eat in terms of “Indian food” so I was delighted.

My friend and I decided to sit inside even though it was a really nice cool afternoon, but I was feeling a little under the weather, so I kind of wanted to also experience the ambiance of this Indian restaurant away very near to the Royal Paradise Hotel.

Dilli 6

This is a view of looking outside from inside Dilli 6. .

I was happy to have met the owner, Mr. Vikas Pandey, and he recommended some really different items that I had already noticed on the menu.

One of the dishes was Rajma, which I haven’t had in a long time, and I love this dish because it is simple and tasty. Rajma is made with red kidney beans smooshed together and cooked in the wonderful aromatic Indian spices that we all love and salivate when we smell the food cooking. When the kidney beans are smooshed and sort of mash together, they form a very creamy texture, and it is so tasty when you eat it with even just plain naan or even garlic naan I like to put chopped coriander on top along with of course, topped with Thai chillies. However, as mostly all Indians do is to have raw onion with it. So delicious. Typically Rajma is served with white rice in India.

When you’re craving Rajma, make sure you think of Dilli 6 six to order from as they do also, all delivery throughout Phuket.


One of the most popular fried bread with filling is aloo paratha, and it also comes in different feelings as well, which I’m sure you have seen on most Indian restaurants menus. The paratha is basically the bread and the filling is what’s obviously inside it and then it is fried and serve nice and hot to be eaten either with raita or or just even on its own.

This aloo paratha was very good. It was super tasty. It was tender, but it had a little bit of crispy as to it which I love and the other one that we had was Gobi, which means cauliflower in English and that was also very tasty.. I found the Gobi to be slightly sweeter than the aloo one. There were other fillings, such as cashew and a few others, which I thought were quite interesting and the next time I come back to Phuket to Dilli 6 I will have those other ones to try.

Aloo Paratha

So one of the things about living in Thailand is the amazing cuisines from all over the world you can find whether you are in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, or even the islands of Thailand.

One of my biggest beefs about eating food especially food that is meant to be savoury and it ruins it by having sugar in it. Many dishes around Thailand, such as pad, Thai penne, curry even green curry will have bits and pieces of sugar in it. This chicken methi, malai, was one of those dishes where I would diva preferred it more savoury. I guess it depends on the region of where it is cook, as in Pakistan this dish would not be served with any hints of sugar, My friend on the other hand he liked it. I could taste the methi (fenugreek) which is one of my favourite herbs to ad in certain Indian food and it is lovely. I could taste the methi and after a few bites, I just let my friend eat it. If you have one of those friends that loves to have a little bit of sugar in their dish, this is definitely your “go to” dish to order.

Chicken Methi Malai

Who doesn’t LOVE a Biryani?? My all-time favourites for biryani is definitely mutton, beef or lamb. Furthermore, because I had ordered chicken, I thought OK I will try the lamb biryani and see how that is in this biryani was very well done I would highly recommend even ordering it to take away and having it the next morning because the flavours and the aromatic mouthwatering smell of this biryani was exceptional. I also didn’t expect to have the yoghurt raita come with it, which was an extra added, treat, because I love having that with my biryani.

Moreover, remember big thing is Dilli 6, is all Halal so all of the Muslim locals and of course the tourist that come to visit Phuket can definitely come eat here. Enjoy your biryani!

Lamb Biryani

last but not least was my favourite dish and it was just a very simple scrambled egg with amazing spices and I don’t know I was craving this or what but this really helps settle my appetite for everything that I had here at this restaurant. This was something different and I enjoy things that are different on Indian menus and this was one of them so even if you’re out late at night and you feel like having an egg with a bit of spices in it and a nice buttered, naan this is the place that you get it at Dilli 6.

Egg Bhujia

Dilli 6 is located near the Royal Paradise Hotel in Patong Road, and if you are walking on Pong Road and you see the area where there’s a small little nook where you can cross over into an alleyway to go to the Royal Paradise Hotel you will find Dilli 6 on your right hand side. It is easy to find once you situate yourself on Patong Road.

Thank you Mr Vikas Pandey for the amazing Indian food and service.

With Love & Gratitude,


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